Did a thing... You could too?

"What's that?" you say? Why, it's a collection of Halloween inspired stories about the HP pairings (and characters) that aren't as commonly... done. *snerk*

So I wrote a Blaisender prequel for the rare pair shorts 2021 Monster Mash fest complete with what passes for art from my end of things. 😋 Signups are still open until the 30th if you feel like making something, just saying. A tiny wee drabble, perhaps? Anywhere from 200 to 2500 will do. Well worth noting, dear flisties: ss/hg / grape are somehow no longer on the banned list! (I feel like we're doing something wrong, people. Time for more fests, yo. lol) Also, milotziherself, Severus and Minerva aren't on there, nor, mywitch, are Rosmerta / Snape, on the off chance either of you were wondering... 😉


From the same AU (christmas spirit), I've also completed the Blaisender beginnings "a couple of castle encounters" (LJ / DW / AO3) and have now begun a new grape / blaisender / slytherindor / Slytherin Soap story "interconnected" (LJ / DW), where I'm up to chapter four already, so that's nice. I have not been entirely idle...
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Neville! w00t!

Matthew Lewis reenacts 20 of his favourite Harry Potter scenes with lego and he's just as funny as he is cute. "You're looking good, Tom. I mean 'Draco'. Oops, sorry, mate. It's not funny falling from that height, is it? Been there..." 😆


Oo! Potions Classroom!

Hey, toys-for-brains here with a heads up for my fellow HP fans. 😘 Funko has a new series coming this October based around our favourite Potions Classroom: 5 different Mini Moments sets (they really are small) that can be displayed together to re-create the classroom. Unfortunately they include chase figures, so there's a chance of getting Sluggy instead of Snape (Oh noes! And they think we'll be happy about that??? 😐), Cho instead of Hermione (I would not be pleased 😕), Neville instead of Ron (well... 😉), Seamus instead of Harry, and Tom Riddle instead of Draco. Hmm.


I've got to say I (greatly) preferred the mini Funko Pops style from the Advent Calendars, but the scenes are nice. I'll be keeping my eyes out for the Snape set, and plan to put the other figures in it instead.

Official Description of the Snape set: Gather around class and sit at your tables with your cauldron partners. Collect and rebuild the Potions classroom for your Harry Potter collection with the Funko Mini Moments of Professor Snape. There's a 1 in 6 chance you may find the chase of Mini Moments Potions Class with Professor Slughorn. Each character comes with a piece of the set so that you can recreate the Hogwarts dungeon classroom for your collection. Vinyl figure is approximately 3.8 cm tall, while set piece is approximately 9.5 cm tall and 13.3 cm wide. [...] Chase variants are shipped at random.

Anamorphic Lego Street Painting

Chances are decent I'm your lego person, so here! Yet another frivolous post on the lego side of things. I've mentioned anamorphic / projection art before. Heck, I like it enough that I've included it in beyond wandpoint (LJ / AO3). Most folks hadn't heard of it, so I thought this might interest a few of you.

Ten years after Leon Kerr made the anamorphic lego terracotta army at the Sarasota Chalk Festival, he and fellow artist Massina have revisited the theme with the lego ninjago terracotta army at the Legoland in Germany, which is clearly where something like this belongs.

This is what the artwork looks like from the right angle: Collapse )

I find it impressive as all get out, plus it takes some real skill. (Or, y'know, a computer. lol) Anyway, I thought it might appeal to a few of you, too. Have a nice weekend, everyone. 😊

Some inspiration for MyWitch's next Snarry?

Probably not entirely SFW, click through at your own risk... (On the other hand, it aired on American television, so how racy can it be?) So I was watching Stephen Colbert, and he had Daniel Radcliffe as a guest last night. In addition to talking about how fans have sent him more lego(!) (and wolves? Wolfscar fans, I imagine) than he can shake a wand at, they presented a clip of him dancing from his show 'Miracle Workers'. Collapse )

I thought of mywitch immediately. 😆

Special Assignment

On special assignment from the Ministry - and there's an exceedingly good chance she'll never forgive Harry or Kingsley for this (not that that will remove either of them from her Christmas lists, of course; that would be churlish) - Hermione pauses as she enters her new home in Muggle London to admire the scenery. The arse on the proprietor of the bookstore next door, which in itself had practically been reason enough to justify an indefinite let on the flat, instantly improves the view by several orders of magnitude. Yes, it's a fine arse indeed, and she finds herself softening with regards to her assignment the longer she observes it. In fact at this rate, she may yet need to get Harry something along the lines of a new broom by way of thanks...


Slowly the thought occurs that there's something familiar about that arse, and about the brolly he's wielding rather expertly in an attempt to dislodge the child's plaything stuck in the tree before his store... And when he fails to knock the little aeroplane free and the toy suddenly seems to just leap into his arms... That's when it dawns on her, he must be a wizard, and in that light - helped along by another glance at his arse in confirmation - comes the absolute certainty: not just any wizard at that.

Really, she should have known from the name of his establishment, or at least suspected. 'Serpentine Scrolls'? It didn't exactly scream 'Muggle', now did it?

No, in conjunction with that magnificent backside, it screamed 'Professor Snape'.

For erexen, my sister by another mister, with oodles and oodles of squishy hugs.

A Barbie with brains...

I'd hate to give anyone the impression that all I care about is toys... 😆 But here I am again: toys!


There's a new line-up of Barbies, and these accomplished ladies have brains in spades. Allow me to introduce:

* Dr Audrey Cruz, a frontline worker from Las Vegas who joined forces with other Asian-American physicians to fight racial bias and discrimination.
* Biomedical researcher Dr Jacqueline Goes de Jesus, credited with leading the sequencing of the genome of a COVID-19 variant in Brazil.
* Dr Kirby Whitby, an Australian doctor who co-founded 'Gowns for Doctors', pioneering a surgical gown that can be laundered and re-used by frontline workers. (I'll admit to not understanding that one as fully as that's what my docs were wearing anyway, but I assume there are different practices around the globe, and sustainability always has my vote.)
* Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert University of Oxford researcher, honoured for her role as project leader in the creation of the COVID-19 vaccine. (Gingers, represent!)
* Dr Chika Stacy Oriuwa, a psychiatry resident at the University of Toronto, Canada, and advocate against systemic racism in healthcare.
* Emergency Room nurse Amy O'Sullivan, who treated the first COVID-19 patient at the Wycoff Hospital in Brooklyn, New York.

While I'll be buying none of these, I like that they exist. In particular, I'm definitely liking the STEM focus, diversity, international approach, and (because I'm shallow) the ink on that last lady. (Very pretty. They have taken some liberties with Nurse O'Sullivan (I guess that's in accordance with the laws of Barbie), but I like that they kept her distinctive sense of style. This comes close to her Time Magazine cover. And her socks easily rival anything Dumbledore has on offer.) Also nice, they're making a donation to Women in Science and Engineering, an organisation which runs an outreach resource created to inspire girls to consider a career in STEM.

And in other news, if you haven't seen it yet, the pics of this year's last Harry Potter lego instalment have leaked, and by gum! It's dead pretty:

(More pics on acciobrick for those who want to see what details are presently available.)

Fine, yes, I have toy-brain. It's a thing. Try to love me anyway. ❤️

Hogwarts: History of Magic...

... an unofficial set (from the acciobrick comm) and accompanying mini-legofic.

Hogwarts: History of Magic

The first time Professor Binns entered their class - through the blackboard, no less - it had come as a bit of a surprise. Not that he was a ghost, mind, that was hardly unexpected. Binns had taught their parents, their grandparents and some of their great-grandparents in that state, and the Slytherins had known precisely what awaited them; nothing had changed between these walls since their forebears' time except for the number of cobwebs.

But the entrance itself was bit flash, they were agreed.

Collapse )