Hogwarts: History of Magic...

... an unofficial set (from the acciobrick comm) and accompanying mini-legofic.

Hogwarts: History of Magic

The first time Professor Binns entered their class - through the blackboard, no less - it had come as a bit of a surprise. Not that he was a ghost, mind, that was hardly unexpected. Binns had taught their parents, their grandparents and some of their great-grandparents in that state, and the Slytherins had known precisely what awaited them; nothing had changed between these walls since their forebears' time except for the number of cobwebs.

But the entrance itself was bit flash, they were agreed.

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Happy Birthday, LostAngelSoul!

Happy birthday, lostangelsoul3! 🌈🎂🎁🎉🎊🍰🎈 I hope it's a good one. ❤️ There's a Drarry in the works for you, unfortunately it comes a little latter in the story arc I'm writing (actually, technically earlier, bygones) and I was unable to make the jump between the two stories. But! The plot is laid out and it *will* happen in time. I hope you can forgive the delay? In its stead, however, I offer a picture of my stonking great alliums and the two fine young men in question:


"Damnable Whiz-bangs," Draco mutters, manoeuvring his broom with some skill around the latest burst.

"I think that's 'fireworks'," Harry corrects as he catches up to him, a wandless Protego protecting them both from the latest barrage, and potentially still legal on the pitch. Not, mind, that the explosions were precisely regulation, clearly not, but he does make an effort to abide by at least these rules if none others. It was marked enough a characteristic that Snape had commented on it.

"Most definitely not. They're Globemaster if anything. Have you never paid attention in Herbology, Potter?" Draco scoffs and then with a smirk adds, "Of course not. What was I thinking?" As if the universe were exacting its revenge for that bit of snark, he immediately has to duck under the latest explosion, too close to his head for comfort. Briefly he wonders if that will leave his hair singed. Not to be outdone by the Moggie, anything but that, he wandlessly Depulsos the next burst out of Potter's way.

"Thanks," Harry says, annoying the Slytherin further. It's as if he lives to show up Draco's inadequacies. He resolves to at least consider expressing his gratitude moving forward. Well, briefly. Blast and blast again. The rival Seeker is nothing if not irksome. Except for possibly too close. Draco tries to put on some speed and pull ahead, dividing his attention between scanning the sky for the Snitch as well as more of the Whiz-bangs.

It doesn't escape Harry's notice that no one seems to be calling the egregious fouls. This isn't the first time the difference in the way they're treated has registered, not even in this match alone. If this is what the (ir)responsible parties are willing to risk out in the open in front of the entire school, he imagines there's been a good deal more of the abuse when no one else was around to see it, too. All in all it's a wonder Draco is back to sniping at him, he thinks with a small smile. At the beginning of term, they'd barely been able to coax a few words out of him.

It also doesn't escape Harry that the Whiz-bangs tend to stop whenever he draws closer, just like the assorted Hexes and Jinxes. Lips drawn tight in anger at the thought of Malfoy's unfair treatment, he leans forward to pull closer again. With a bit of luck, the blond might survive the match uninjured yet...

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earl grey mist

"You need a break," Hermione tells him in no uncertain terms. He's grown so used to her moving about within their wards, he'd neglected to notice when she'd left their quarters to enter his classroom. Unexpected, she'd caught him with his head down on his desk, momentarily despairing of his students' ability to ever master his subject, at least if these O.W.L.s were anything to go by. Merlin's bloody bollocks. The results were abysmal.

The Arithmancy apprentice plops herself down unceremoniously next to him on the edge of his desk, leans over and begins to massage his shoulders. "Goodness are you tense." Collapse )


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Play Along At Home...

Lego has a new gimmick for this summer's 🎊 20th anniversary 🎉 wave of sets (and yup, it has indeed been 20 years since the releases both of the first film and the first HP lego sets 😐): lego Chocolate Frog Cards. (Yes, they totally saw me coming. 😆) The anniversary sets will each include a predetermined number of randomly selected 'cards'. There will apparently be sixteen different 2x2 tiles in total and as luck would have it... they've leaked. 😃 It seems there's no official word yet on who is who, so your guess is as good as mine at this point, if you'd care to make a stab at it? (I believe I've solved it, and with the exception of one character in the spoiler below, as fellow-Potterheads I think you should know the lot.)

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From one danger noodle to another: Happy Birthday, erexen! 🎂🎉🎁🥰 Hugs and oodles of love, oh, and fic! 😉

"happy christmas, severus 1 / 2" (LJ / DW) Christmas 1998. After a perfectly lovely snog, Hermione invites herself round to Severus'. Now he just needs to figure out what to do with her. She's happy to supply him with suggestions.

"happy christmas, severus 2 / 2" (LJ / DW) Christmas 1998. Hermione sleeps with Severus after all... (Seriously??? Probably not. 😆)

They're part of the christmas spirit AU. I hope I got them about right. I don't know what I'd do without you, sweetie. Thanks for being you. ❤️

We're All Sisters and Brothers in the End. It Would Be Nice If People Acted Like It 🌈

Life's been, uh, life-like, and I don't think I've marked a birthday or anything else in a punctual manner lately. (Sorry, guys. ❤️) True to (recent) form, a few weeks ago I missed the International Transgender Day of Visibility. In light of HB 1475* which was passed last week by overwhelming majority in Florida's State House of Representatives (a bit of legislation that has the distinction of being both transphobic and misogynistic, cheers, and potentially classist as well for the hat trick), I figured this was a good time to redress that failure on my part.

Dear trans-siblings: you're seen. You're heard. And you aren't in this alone.
Sending warm, fluffy and most excellent hugs. - xox - Ginger.

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We can do better, people, and we really should. Be a mensch, folks, be kinder to one another. There's not enough love in the world. 🌈 ❤️

Better late than never...

Life's been... So I'm just getting to this now. (Sorry.) But I wanted to wish grooot a happy, if belated, birthday. <3 (I hope it was a good one?)


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