gingerbred (gingerbred) wrote,

Harry Potter: Witches* Unite!

It's like this, I don't reddit. So, uh, I looked around here and couldn't find a HPWU comm, and I thought, what the heck, I made one. The more the merrier... Figured we could use a spot to geek out. 😊 Even managed to put together a few basic tips, if you're interested. And I'd really love to hear the stuff that's working for you. (Especially as I have this gnawing suspicion that (once again!) I've chosen the wrong career... It's a skill, I tell ya... 😆 Pity I can't market it. 😉)

* Wizards and other magical beings naturally most welcome, too. 😘
Tags: fandom, fun, harry potter, hpwu, life, lj comms, potterverse, wizards unite

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