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Hey, Ginger, watcha been doing?

So I've been playing Wizards Unite diligently for the past two weeks. Unexpectedly, I learnt something about myself in the process last week. To cast spells in the game, you need energy. There are a couple of ways to come by it, the most straightforward options involve inns or sometimes greenhouses, these can be found at physical locations in the Real World, and you can hit them repeatedly at five minute intervals. Easy enough, you'd think. The game gave me something to do, and I had only a minute and a half left before I could go back to try that particular greenhouse again... Ninety seconds. (Keep in mind, this is something I wanted, *needed* for the game.) And it was an actual *struggle* to get myself to hold still for 'no reason' on some street somewhere. To just 'hang out'. Apparently, that's simply not something I do.

So now I'm learning to loiter. 😆

While I'm not sure *that's* a skill anyone needs 😉, the lesson to decelerate, to learn to feel more comfortable while out and about... Huh. Not... bad. And I totally didn't see that coming.

Highlight of my gaming week, I encountered and rescued a Snape. 😃 And I yipped with glee. In public. Got *plenty* of looks. (We *don't* do things like that here.) I don't think a game can make an extrovert out of me, but I was thoroughly unapologetic about my glee.

Screenshot, to share the joy.


I *loved* the 'Masterful'. Do they get it or what? 😉
Tags: hpwu, life, wizards unite

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