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Wizards Unite! Now with more Snape!

In the words of our morethansirius, 'OMG! SNAPE!' 😆 If you've ever thought of playing Wizards Unite, people, this is the time to get started. For the next six days, there's more! Snape! than ever! running around out there, just waiting for you to run into him... (Proof, were it needed, that this is a benevolent universe. 😉)

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(Fun fact: I am incapable of *not* engaging a Severus encountered in the wild. Hell, I even stop for any and all of Neville's Boggarts. (I'm *so* not picky that way. *nods*)) Also, there's more Sirius, more Hedwig, and the occasional extra Harry facing his Boggart while we're about it. All new for this week are 1 Kilometre Portkeys. Once you've walked that 1 K, they whisk you away to the Potions Classroom. (Squeeing, my lovelies, took place, I can assure you. The Classroom! Ooo! 😃)

The game is skewed to give you an easy start, it's free, and the next 'event' isn't until next week, so there are presently no missions to accomplish, no tasks to fulfil. It's a great time to begin. And the new Christmas 'Foundables'? *So* cute! The Yule Ball characters put in an appearance. (Adorable.)

Personal milestones, I've continued my rockstar ways and reached another 175 Kilometres - cycled this time 😃 - in the game, despite a two week break while I nursed a grumpy knee. As most of those kilometres were done on hills, I am wicked chuffed, incredibly pleased with myself.


If you've been playing the game but haven't joined us yet, there are a few of us happily playing away in the Witches Unite community, so stop by. The more the merrier! (Wizards and other magical beings totally welcome. 😊) It's a kind and supportive place, because the world could use more of that.
Tags: fandom, fun, hpwu, life, lj comms, potterverse, real world, snape, w00t!, wizards unite, yes!

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