gingerbred (gingerbred) wrote,

Day 3... You know the drill. 😊

And the third of December dawns. And then noons.

Find the door...


Opening it reveals...


Severus is kind enough to make use of the paddle thingies, and we now have a semaphoring skating Snape, and my joy knows no bounds... 😃 (It's taken me a while, I'm unconscionably slow, but it finally dawned on me that he must like me, because this doesn't really seem like something he himself feels a pressing need to do... Colour me dead chuffed. 😉 Well it was that or the Imperius, and I'm pretty sure his Protego was sufficient to the task. And, uh, y'know, not that I'd ever dream of trying... Probably.)

Five points to Slytherin for getting there. Eventually.
'Only five? Really?'
As it was patently obvious and shouldn't have taken a moment's thought to realise, yes, only five. Consider yourself lucky.
'Does that even work with alumni?'
That only merits the arched brow in reply; only to be expected really.
'Given you have a wager running with Professor McGonagall as to who will win the House Cup, isn't that a conflict of interest?'
*chizpurfles can be heard clicking in the distance*
'Thought as much. In that case, what do you say? Isn't it worth ten points after all?'
No, Ms. Bred, it truly isn't. But the five points for your enterprising nature should make up the difference nicely.
'Not ten?' *bats eyes hopefully*
Now you're simply being cheeky.
'Thought I was before, to be honest.' 😉


Putting it all together properly (*sigh*. Nevertheless...) gives us two! snow covered fir trees...


And the extra bits and bobs means Severus can now have his very own fairy wand. (He points out, firmly, that he has an eminently functional and vastly superior wand of his own, ta, (I may or may not be imagining a double entendre there.) but again he was kind enough to cooperate.) The thing reminds me a lot of the magic wand I found on the way home from the neurologist's last year. (Less pink, but still OTT.) Didn't actually fix any problems, but it cheered me up greatly, so there we go then. Substantially sorted. 😊

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