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Did a Thing! Did a Thing! Did a Thing!... Uh, er... Happy Birthday, MyWitch! ❤️

Sorry, dead chuffed this seems to have worked. Lol. 😂

Forgive me. Lost my head for a moment there.

Sooooo.... Happy birthday, mywitch, with oodles of love. 😘

This is a papercut of MyWitch's Do I Look Like a Morning Person to You? Why so grumpy... Uh, he's upset he'll miss the party. (Also, let's be honest, it lent itself to papercutting. *nods*)

It's done in three layers, because otherwise Severus would be a lipless wonder. Which... No.

This will give you an idea how / why I did it that way.

The Baron was highly concerned about the lip detachment, Hermione was perfectly sure she could fix that (just a flick and a swish), and Severus was simply not amused. I set him up with a cuppa, and the world got back to rights. ☕️ *nods*

You'll notice the extra eye from Attempt 1. Hmm. Well. I liked the shape though. (Not that a detached eye was of much use, but that brow! *nods*) Moody points out he has the corner on that market, and we're not to get any ideas. Pfft. (Maybe as a bookmark...)

Anyway, hope you have a lovely day. Many happy returns and all the best, MW! ❤️ 🎈 🎂 🍰 🎁 🍾 🥂 😘

Tags: art, did a thing!, happy birthday, mywitch, papercuts

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