gingerbred (gingerbred) wrote,

Day 4!

Shouldn't come as a surprise anymore...

That rhymes.
'It does.'
Stop that.
*tries to look innocent*
*fails utterly*

Find the door! 😊


Ms. Bred.
'Fine. Fine.'
*sulks* 😕

And out the pieces pour... 😉


Ms. Bred! I'm warning you.
'Don't be so sore.' 😆
*doesn't even bother trying to hide her shit-eating grin* 😊


And just like that, a strange sensation ripples over her skin.
'Huh? What?' is all she can say before she begins to shrink...


*ribbit* *ribbit*

Well who'd have thought it? The insipid fairy wand works after all.
Severus tries to stifle his smile.
He fails utterly.
But possibly he hadn't tried all that hard...

*ribbit* *ribbit*
Well, yes, I agree the colour was a mite unexpected.
*ribbit* *ribbit*
I don't believe there is such a thing as ginger frogs...
*ribbit* *ribbit*
And I'm quite certain a kiss will not be required to sort this. Wherever do you get these ideas? A simple Finite shall suffice.

Of course that presupposes you could speak...

*ribbit* *ribbit*
Am *I* willing to cast the Counter-spell? Without further inducement? Consider this, if you will: I hardly needed to cast the spell in the first place, did I? So why do you suppose I should now wish to cast the Finite Incantatem?


I say, were you that slow as a witch, too?

*ribbit* *ribbit* *ribbit* *ribbit*!!!!
Well I suppose if it doesn't wear off on its own, I could revisit that decision, but it couldn't hurt were you to give some thought to those inducements either. Belts and braces my dear wo... frog, belts and braces.
*ribbit* *ribbit*
Severus chuckles.
Why I do suppose you're right; frogs have need of neither.
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