gingerbred (gingerbred) wrote,

Day 5...

Ah, Ms. Bred, looking more yourself today I see.


Severus smirks.

Frog in your throat? Oh, do forgive me. I presume that's taken on new meaning since yesterday...

He chuckles darkly, a certain ginger glares.

'I said: no thanks to you.'

Really? You don't imagine I could have made the Transfiguration more... lasting? Questioning my staying power, are you?

*considers her options and wisely holds her tongue; one thing learnt from her recent adventures as an amphibian at least*

If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times: with magic, intent is everything.

Sotto voce, 'Apparently in impeachment, too.'

What was that?

'Nothing, don't mind me. Why don't we see what today has in store for us?'


And what did we get?

*judiciously doesn't comment on the apparent new found interest*


Hmmm. Can't say I like the look of that...

*privately agrees this is unlikely to end well*


Do they never tire of the blatant favouritism? Or what do you suppose the chances are there are green and silver, or for that matter blue and bronze or black and yellow standards to be found behind the other doors?

She looks at the remaining doors, does some quiet calculations in her head, examines the front of the box, and truly doesn't fancy his chances. As her Exploding Snap face is rubbish, she needn't even say so.

I thought as much.

'Why don't you just change it?'

ABS* is notoriously difficult to transfigure.

(He may or may not have just attempted it to no avail. Sensible people refrain from asking.)

'Generations of children and AFoLs** would beg to differ.'

Somehow that information fails to cheer him any. Instead he rails at the injustice in the universe.

All the transparent pandering to Headmaster's House? I'd be ashamed in his shoes.

'Nonsense. You'd take the win and be happy for it. And his shoes aren't really objectionable, it's the socks you'd take issue with.'

He merely gives her that look and she lets it go, but they both know she's right.

'Perhaps if you tried employing the fairy wand instead...'

Secretly you enjoyed life as a frog, didn't you?

* Lego is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (aka ABS).
** AFoL = Adult*** Fans of Lego
*** But only if we measure in terms of calendar years. My inner child is alive and thriving, cheers. 😉
Tags: adventskalender, harry potter, hogwarts, holidays, lego, mini snape, minifigs, ms bred

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