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Day 8



and ye shall find


Some days it's frightfully difficult to guess what the pieces will build...

'And some days it's really not.'

Could it be... Potter's owl? **

'Severus!' There's no question she's scandalised. There's also no question she's amused.

'And here I thought it was a Ravenclaw.'

He barks a laugh in reply.

Fair enough.


He seems genuinely displeased at a thought.

'What? What's wrong?'

If they've included poultry limbs, I fear it's only a matter of time before Weasley puts in an appearance to gnaw on them.

'Oh! Do you know, you're probably right.'

I usually am. Cold comfort.

She manages not to offer a warmer one. Only just.

Weasley. They include him but not me.

Severus, it's high time you got over that.

Easy for you to say, you were in the box.


There. Happy? I removed the skates, and it still is a remarkably tight fit, never mind that I'm practically seated with my arse on the floor.

If you had the decency to be less of a beanpole, it might not be such a problem.

Quite. I am tall merely because I am an ill-mannered lout. In fact I grew solely to vex you. As a young man, I made it my goal, exclusively, to grow until you were suitably vexed and not stop a moment prior...

How many Butterbeers has he had?

'He was just starting in on his first, but from the marked lack of progress, I gathered he didn't like the taste.'

Ogdens! I demand Ogdens! It's the only way to deal with the indignity of this seating.

Pish-tosh. Severus, just raise the blasted thing. Are you a wizard or what?

He's not so ill-mannered (or tall) as not to look a bit sheepish at that.

** Thanks to kit10notk9 for the idea. 😘
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