gingerbred (gingerbred) wrote,

Day 9





'Uh oh.'

What is it, Ms. Bred?

'Well this presents me with a bit of a moral quandary. And I'm afraid I've done the designers of this set an injustice. (Although we still need to wait and see if Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff standards are included as well...)'

Surely that unintentional slight doesn't represent a moral quandary?

'Oh no, of course not. I was wondering if it would be wrong to try to convince certain parties...'

By which you mean a tall, dark wizard?


'To convince them I had succeeded in Transfiguring the ABS where they had failed.'

Ah. Well, he wouldn't hesitate. But if it will help remove any temptation, allow me...


'Wait! You can't Transfigure them crimson and gold!'

I think you'll find I can.

'That's just wrong. As if there weren't enough Moggie bias as is. Keep that up, and there'll be naught but coal in your stocking, Professor. And just you wait if I find Knecht Ruprecht and his switch! Then you're for it.'

Oh you sweet, innocent lamb. You say that as though it were a bad thing.

A certain ginger stands there blinking incredulously, which was easily half the point.

You needn't worry, my dear, I'll leave your flags as they are. On one condition: should you decide to claim to have Transfigured them, I wish to see the revelation. Every witch needs a spot of fun, and in Ruprecht's absence...
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