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Day 14



Words fail. He simply groans.

'Now, Severus, don't be like that. You knew she was in there from the packaging.'

So we're clear, if they include either of those muleheaded embodiments of brewing catastrophes on hoof, Longbottom or Finnigan, I'm through.

She ignores the bluster. 'I'm sure she'll grow on you.'

She'll have to, if only to grow into her arms. The lot of them look like little knuckle-dragging gorillas.

Merlin, She's no taller than Filius at this point.

'We were all young once.' He doesn't appear to appreciate the reminder. 'What do you expect from second years?'

Academically? Nothing more than I do from my N.E.W.T.s students. Ignorance and inattention, ultimately culminating in immolation and incapacitation.

She simply laughs. 'You derive a great deal of satisfaction from being curmudgeonly, don't you?'

Oh, good heavens. Here comes Weasley.

Brandishing fowl.

'At least he seems to have secured some of his own.'

Small mercies.


'And now in addition we have students brandishing wands...'

Ah! Well at least we're all in agreement as to the only reasonable response to that particular ginger's eating habits.

'Speaking of ginger...'

No offence meant, he's quick to reassure.

'None taken, think no more of it. But have you noticed that his hair is the same shade as the turkey?' She clearly finds that fact worrisome.

There may be something to it.

I had thought not to mention it. He sounds uncomfortable.

'Appreciated,' comes the near instant response.

'It's disturbing, isn't it? That's not just my own bias showing? Turkey-coloured hair...' She shudders.

Silently he nods his agreement, privately thankful they hadn't even managed to render his hair appropriately lank in ABS. And there were patently obvious advantages to basic black in colouring...

Getting over her colour-shock, a certain ginger pulls herself together and returns her attention to the scene before them. 'Is it the done thing to just wait to see what they will do?'

*I* was planning to. In light of the material they've learnt, currently I'm thinking their best options are Vanishing the turkey or a Sticking Charm for his mouth.

I may suggest another wager to Minerva...

'I could always take action?'

Consider yourself forewarned: if you spoil my fun, Ms. Bred, you can go to the Broomsticks on your own.

'Wouldn't dream of it,' she smiles.

And then twitches her wand anyway.


'You neglected to consider that a Wingardium Leviosa could be applied to the bird.'

And Weasley is most unlikely to release his hold. Brilliant! Well played, Ms. Bred.

But what of my wager with Minerva?

'Perhaps how long Miss Granger will wait before anxiously casting her Finite?'

Ah! Or how much Skele-gro Poppy will require if she does... Yes, there are possibilities here.

'*I* certainly think so.' He finds her smirk... promising. 'I look forward to picking you up later, Severus.'
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