gingerbred (gingerbred) wrote,

Alles Gute*, milotzi!

Happy Birthday, milotzi! Wishing you many happy returns of the day. (Purely coincidentally 😉: here's hoping it's a good one.) You always have such beautiful flower pictures, I thought you deserved one as well.

(It's one of my peonies. They don't bloom long, but they're magnificent when they do and smell lovely.)

Thanks for being you. ❤️

Education for the win:
* All the good things! All of 'em! Mwahahahaha! [Fine, there's not actually a cackle in the translation. This is why I don't teach. Poor impulse control and a strange sense of humour.]

'Alles Gute' is the short form of 'Alles Gute zum Geburtstag' which translates (sans cackle) to 'everything good for your birthday'.
Tags: birthday, flowers, german, happy birthday

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