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Day 18



Oh well now this is just perfect, he grumbles.

Severus, comes the Transfiguration Professor's admonition. She's rewarded with a baleful look for her troubles, but then he's an adult, and it was fairly predictable her attempt to reprimand him would be unwelcome.

'On the upside,' a certain ginger opines, 'at least they aren't all Gryffindors.' Given Albus must surely still be in the box somewhere, Severus fancies his own chances of putting in an appearance not at all. His face shows what he thinks of that almost as clearly as Ms. Bred's tends to, but he sees little advantage to hiding his displeasure at this box of stray cats. Ah, and one Turkey.

Oddly, I don't find that a consolation in the least.

Now, Severus, what's poor Pomona to...

Yes, yes, I know. But it isn't as though Filius hasn't been in a set or two already this round.

Professor Sprout was only ever in the one set, and that eight years ago, an all too familiar, young but confident voice squeaks up from the side.

Filius, however, has made more than a single appearance, and that as recently as last year. More relevant, you'll find, as arguments currently go, considering he's the individual behind today's door.

Once more.

Well it's only been three in total now, and the first was nine years ago, so perhaps it's his due.

Let me guess. 'Lego Hogwarts: a History'. She beams, which all present assume is confirmation. Do you know, Miss Granger, that in all seven books, 'Snape' is mentioned, explicitly, 1540 times.

'Explicitly?' The apprentice beside him asks, choking on her pumpkin juice.

Explicitly, he confirms, raising a single brow for emphasis. She briefly ceases to continue following the conversation as she considers it.

That doesn't include mentions of 'Severus' or 'he/his/him' in which I am meant, merely the surname alone. 'Flitwick', by contrast, isn't used even a third as often, meaning he isn't even in the top three hundred mentions.

By the same logic, that doesn't include mentions of 'Filius' or 'he/his/him' in which he is meant, merely the surname alone. There could be who knows how many references that have gone uncounted. She seems rather self-satisfied to have caught that.

And what strikes you as more probable? That he's being referred to obliquely as often as possible, or that *I* am, upon occasion, in keeping with the rate of direct use of our names?

Her expression, yet another witch with no Exploding Snap face, answers for her. A certain ginger to Severus' side takes pity and asks, 'And for the sake of completeness, just for reference, how often has Professor Snape been in a set?

Oh! comes the cheery little chirp, evidently exceedingly eager to have a chance to flaunt her research, Including Neville's Boggarts, Severus cringes at the very mention, not that Lupin has yet to subject him to that indignity, but demonstrating more prescience than Sybill on a good day, he can already picture it all too clearly, there are a total of eight different Professor Snape versions, in thirteen sets.

Oh! And one book.

Minerva snorts.

Ah, by all means, let's not forget the book, Severus drawls.

Well it did have a very nice Erlenmeyer flask.

In blue.

Yes, I can see where that made all the difference, Severus adds dryly.

That number is including one microfigure, however, she seems forced to allow. But for the record, neither Professor Sprout nor Professor Flitwick are represented as microfigures.

Arguably, Filius is always represented as a microfigure.

Severus! Minerva chides.

I merely meant to say they'd presumably have had difficulties rendering his microfigure more... micro, he assures those present with a chuckle. Filius, good natured type that he is, is the first to join in with laughter as he takes his seat with his colleagues.

Quite right. Quite right you are, dear boy. It'd have been a nanofigure for me. Unquestionably.


Minerva smirks as she addresses Miss Granger once more. And for the sake of true completeness, she gives Ms. Bred a significant look, how often have *I* appeared?

Oh, well, there've been five versions, in, um, six sets. Um, including the microfigure, but I'm sure it's nothing personal, she anxiously tries to reassure her Head of House.

Minerva just laughs, Don't you worry, Miss Granger. *I* certainly shan't take it that way. How about you, Severus?

'Come now, Severus,' a certain ginger adds lowly, 'it's not as bad as you seem to think.'

Boggarts, he refutes, shouldn't count. Clearly we're not one and the same.

She has to give him that, but when Miss Granger then goes on to describe the Boggarts' outfits, in full technicolour detail (because of course she does), she'd have to admit to wishing to see it, if only just the once.

But then that's what 'Legilimens' is for. Especially useful as Professor Dumbledore is unlikely to lend her his Pensieve for the purpose...
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