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Day 19



'Guess what we have today!'

Another Gryffindor.

'After getting a minifigure only yesterday, not bloody likely. Now try harder.'

We've had enough food, well unless you're willing to address the syrup experiment...

'Oh, I am at your service for any and all syrup experiments, just name your time and place.' He squirms, she smirks, desired result achieved. 'But do try to apply yourself and guess first. Give it a go.'

Well we've exhausted the standards. Small mercies.

'Don't be like that.'

More furnishings?

'Getting warmer,' she smiles. He fails to take the hint, but she finds that's all too often the case with him, more's the pity.

Not another table?

'No, but look at it this way: you wouldn't want to sit with the students given a choice.'

Fair enough. I shan't object, then, should we get another. He gives it a bit of thought.

We haven't had any presents yet.

'Touch early, isn't it? The elves won't deliver them until the 25th.'

As there's no 25th door, and presents couldn't actually be opened, I suspect they'll pop up before then.

And it's just as well they can't be opened or with the way things have been going, the Slytherin gift would contain coal.

Ah, or it'd be the switch for us, whichever.

A certain ginger can't help thinking they'd need to pry the switch from Minerva's - figurative, and possibly literal - claws first, but keeps mum. Some things are best kept under a witch's hat, beyond just unruly hair. Plus the Potions Master spooks all too easily as is.

Well let's give it a shot then, shall we? Shall I apply the Wingardium Leviosa or would you care to?

'I saw the package, so it's sort of cheating. If you'd like a go?'

Don't mind if I do, and he sets about directing first one piece and then the next into position. She stands by watching - it's a pleasure to see him work - pleased to see he's finally come to embrace the calendar's fun.


Ah, well this is... cosy. He stands assessing the results.

'It is rather, isn't it?'

Not that we needed it, given Albus' Heating Charms on the Hall...

'No, strictly speaking it isn't necessary, but as you noted: cosy. There's something to be said for it.'


'If you'd care to conjure some seating again, perhaps we could make ourselves comfortable and get to work on the magical mistletoe parasite problem?'

Ah, and the syrup solution! I'm beginning to think you know just what I like...

'Working on it,' she winks.
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