August 18th, 2021


Special Assignment

On special assignment from the Ministry - and there's an exceedingly good chance she'll never forgive Harry or Kingsley for this (not that that will remove either of them from her Christmas lists, of course; that would be churlish) - Hermione pauses as she enters her new home in Muggle London to admire the scenery. The arse on the proprietor of the bookstore next door, which in itself had practically been reason enough to justify an indefinite let on the flat, instantly improves the view by several orders of magnitude. Yes, it's a fine arse indeed, and she finds herself softening with regards to her assignment the longer she observes it. In fact at this rate, she may yet need to get Harry something along the lines of a new broom by way of thanks...


Slowly the thought occurs that there's something familiar about that arse, and about the brolly he's wielding rather expertly in an attempt to dislodge the child's plaything stuck in the tree before his store... And when he fails to knock the little aeroplane free and the toy suddenly seems to just leap into his arms... That's when it dawns on her, he must be a wizard, and in that light - helped along by another glance at his arse in confirmation - comes the absolute certainty: not just any wizard at that.

Really, she should have known from the name of his establishment, or at least suspected. 'Serpentine Scrolls'? It didn't exactly scream 'Muggle', now did it?

No, in conjunction with that magnificent backside, it screamed 'Professor Snape'.

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