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Crossposting from Dreamwidth

I can't. I know gelsey had issues. smirkingcat and enchanted_jae as well. Seem to recall someone else mentioning it, too, and have spotted a couple of support tickets along those lines... The standard answer support gives 1) is incorrect (at least in my case) and 2) shuts the conversation down, sadly without solving a thing or addressing the facts as I'm encountering them (see 1), so I was trying to collect some info before leaping once more into the breach, so to speak.

So! Double checking here:

1) Have any of you been able to successfully crosspost in the past couple of days?

2) If you are also having issues crossposting, are you getting the same error message as I am? Or are there different errors popping up. I'm getting:

Failed to crosspost entry to [MY_JOURNAL'S_NAME_HERE]@LiveJournal: Client error: Your IP address is temporarily banned for exceeding the login failure rate.

Which is stuff and nonsense as I'm immediately able to log out and in again on LJ, so my IP clearly *isn't* banned. (Foo.) (DW's might be, but that's a different issue...) But then error messages don't always accurately reflect the things triggering them, or the things the system triggers in turn.

3) If you're getting something else, would you be a love and post the error message in the comments below?

4) If you're having problems, any idea when you noticed the problems start? When did it last work for you & when did it begin barfing? (<- technical jargon. *nods*) Have the problems been off and on again or consistent?

(@ Jae, you post more regularly, and so are probably the best bet to help narrow the problem down...)

Any help any of you can give would be appreciated. Cheers. G.
Tags: crossposting, dreamwidth, lj, support, technical issues, x-post

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