gingerbred (gingerbred) wrote,

Dreamwidth Crosspost Update

And we have word from Dreamwidth as to what seems to have happened here:

"Dreamwidth added some new servers to improve services, however for security purposes (after all, Livejournal hadn't 'met' them before!), Livejournal automatically blocked them. The devs are trying to work out a good way to solve the blocking, but it may take a few weeks (security is important and we don't want Livejournal to continue blocking us anymore than you do!). Once it's fixed, there'll be an announcement in dw_maintenance and you can try any failed cross-posts."

In the meantime, I'm working on a 'how to' for importing your posts to there from here. I'll have that up for you soon.

Keywords: DW, LJ, crosspost, x-post, fail, answer
Tags: crossposting, dreamwidth, lj, support, technical issues, x-post

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