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Happy Birthday, MyWitch!


Happy Birthday, mywitch! Here's wishing you all the best for the coming year and many happy returns of the day. I really can't thank you enough for everything that you do, just being you or your friendship. ❤️ *hugs*, lady, and then some. 😘


Papercut of the birthday girl's 24th entry in 2019's 25 days of drawing made for zigadenus.

Under the heading 'you never know when something you say is going to make a real difference to someone...' I've been dealing with arthritis for two and a half years now, and it's gotten worse again lately. A year ago, I made a papercut for mywitch's birthday, and corvusdraconis made a comment that I 'and a Cricut cutter tool could take over the world'. Which... Hmm. World conquering? Who *wouldn't* be on board with that? 😉 Anyway, it caught my imagination in a major way, and I started searching for a used cutter. This autumn I finally scored a silhouette machine.

Honestly initially it sort of ruined papercutting for me, things that took me 30 hours to produce could be done in maybe two hours and that proved sort of frustrating. (Fine, that estimate assumes the design is down pat as a cut file, and I'm kind of embarrassed to say how long it took me to produce this *despite* using a cutter. But now that it's done, it should be reasonably quick to do another, so there's that.) Anyway, I've gotten to the point on the curve where I'm making things complicated enough again for the fun to have returned, and the mitts aren't up to it anyway, so I just wanted to say thanks, Corvusdraconis, for pointing me in the right direction. It made something that wasn't possible possible and I appreciate it. 😊
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