gingerbred (gingerbred) wrote,

Snape is back...

...and more brilliant than ever in next week's Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! Lost Love Brilliant Event. (That's a lot of caps... lol) From Tuesday, 25 February 11am PST through 03 March 11 am PST.

I swear they are just trying to break my little shipper heart.💔 More Snapes than ever before! Portraits of Lily and Snape, and I'm betting the Portkey locations are the Potions classroom again, too, which was bloody well done. Anyone interested is welcome to join us over at

And somebody help me out: what is that... thing on his table in front of the stack of books / photo of him and Lily. I just can't tell. 😆 That said, I do love the artwork bunches. 💝
Tags: harry potter, hpwu, snape, w00t!, wizards unite

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