gingerbred (gingerbred) wrote,

Lockdown Light: You, Too, Can Be a Hero

Not going to lie, if Super Bowl adverts have taught me one thing, it's that Germans are humourless pills as a televised society and our advertising, generally, is woefully lacking. The government has just made up for that. (That happens virtually never, so I felt obliged to share this with you.)

For a spot of background: come Monday we enter what is the third week of our modified Coronavirus Lockdown. We have higher daily infected numbers than we did in the spring (caveat: widespread testing is presumably playing a role, as is a broader willingness to get tested, but still...). The next town over has the country's highest 7 day incidence rate, brilliantly, they're filling up our hospitals, the local ICUs are reportedly at 100%, all elective procedures are now deemed decidedly unwise, and by and large, things are looking a bit bleak.

But! Into that autumnal bleakness, the government has tossed these lovely adverts. All the props to twitter user Axel Antoni @antoni_UK (youtube toniUK74) who was kind enough to sub them.

You, too, should be lazy like raccoons (not actually a thing to the best of my knowledge 😆) and stay home on your couches. Stay safe, everyone. ❤️
Tags: coronavirus, life, real world

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