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Happy Thanksgiving!

The share button is not working as expected on my devices, so this is a brute force cut and paste from acciobrick:


In honour of the event, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington took the liberty of decorating one of the castle's roomier dungeons (some liberties may have been taken in the depiction) with black candles, which gave off an eerie bluish glow, and a haunting of black hangings to set the mood. He further hired a ghostly orchestra to play the musical saw for the festivities, and - not to be outdone - ordered a variety of food that had been tainted to make it stronger, increasing the likelihood his ghostly guests would be able to taste and thus partake of the meal. The repast included large, rotten fish on handsome silver platters, cakes burned charcoal-black and heaped on salvers, maggoty haggis, mouldy cheese, and, in pride of place, an enormous grey cake in the shape of a tombstone, which quite naturally displayed his name and date of death in tar-like frosting. As though there could have been any other choice... Pfft.

I figure this should suit both those pro- and con- marking the day, depending on which aspects you choose to focus on... 😐 Eurobrick's forum user Micmac created this cute MOC scene representing Nearly Headless Nick's 500th Death Day celebration feast. (I particularly like the ghost with the party hat and his MOC Bloody Baron. lol)

Miscellaneous: there’s now a Harry Potter lego comm of our own, acciobrick. Of possible use to people enjoying the sales this weekend, here’s a list of discontinued and retiring sets. (And pretty cool, here’s a list of the sets by the chronology of their scenes in the books and movies.)

Worth mentioning, for those living in the US, the Monster Book of Monsters is finally putting in an appearance!


With qualifying purchases of $75 or more, Barnes and Noble will include an MBM with your order. (Set includes a Draco Malfoy minifigure.) No word yet on if the MBM will be available in other countries 😕 or from other stores, either as a GWP or for purchase.


Happy Thanksgiving to those observing. 😊
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