gingerbred (gingerbred) wrote,

Taking the high road...

So I've said it before, I'll say it again: every now and then you should check the email you use to register at sites or for services on to see if you're the victim of a data breach. (There's no need to buy their software, just scroll down to see the things listed and then bustle off and sort it. Soonish.) Stuff like that happens rather often, and checking regularly is advisable. I know a lot of us play games on zynga, for instance, and they definitely got breached a little over a year ago, so maybe check that out? Wattpad is another, btw. (Happened last summer.) If your info is out there, make sure you change any identical (or closely related) password / username combinations elsewhere. Easy peasy.

And in vaguely related news, if anyone you know is on Parler and you're so inclined, you might also want to let them know they've been thoroughly hacked. 70 TB of data, including scans of users' driver's licenses complete with signatures and pictures and videos with all the metadata intact... that's... bonkers. 😐
Tags: real world, social media, support, technical issues, technology

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