gingerbred (gingerbred) wrote,

Better late than never...

Life's been... So I'm just getting to this now. (Sorry.) But I wanted to wish grooot a happy, if belated, birthday. <3 (I hope it was a good one?)


And just a little bit of silliness that I spent way too long on... (mywitch, so I don't embarrass myself completely, you aren't allowed to look. *nods* Also this is what happens when you use 20 year old software, just saying. I'm frankly kind of impressed it still worked at all, tbh.)

So after all the stories of Babymort's Death Marches, um, this happened:


It made perfect sense to me at the time? lol Apologies and *smooches*. (At least my heart's in the right place. ;-))

- me.
Tags: art, did a thing!, happy birthday, lego, mini hermione, mini snape, minifigs, sshg

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