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This Summer's Harry Potter Lego Sets

It's the 20th anniversary of both the Philosopher's Stone movie and the Harry Potter lego collection, and lego has gone a little bonkers in celebration. To the extent known, which would be eight sets as of now, they're up over on the acciobrick comm, but three excerpts to whet your appetites:


The first ever Madam Rosmerta minifig! I've grown so used to mywitch's rendition that I hardly recognised her. 😆 She's included in the Hogsmeade Village set. Collage by deskp1990. You can check out their truly amazing Flickr >> here <<. Slowly but surely they're cataloguing all the characters and outfits from the Harry Potter films, and posting them and their corresponding minifigures there. This is a pretty mammoth undertaking, and well worth a browse, whether you like lego or just the costumes.

A detail from the new Chamber of Secrets set:

Lockharts, Lockharts everywhere and nary a shred of competence amongst them...

And finally the brand new buildable giantfigs, Harry (complete with cloak! 😆) and Hermione. (Pity they didn't go for a skirt as well.) I'm betting it's the beginning of a series, because there's no way they don't at least release Ron. Here's hoping we get a Snape, too, while they're at it. 😊 (If they want to bunch them in pairs, Minerva mightn't be a bad choice...)

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