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Hogwarts: Infirmary...

... still another unofficial set (from the acciobrick comm) and accompanying mini-legofic.

Hogwarts: Infirmary

"Well, Potter, that's still more Skele-Gro for you. There's little point complaining. Come now, chin chin," Nurse Pomfrey chides, her demeanour more authoritative than encouraging.

As Harry struggles fitfully to swallow the noxious potion, Hermione can't resist taking advantage of the momentary lull on the Matron's otherwise hectic ward.

"Madam Pomfrey, what's the matter with him?" She asks, indicating the... individual the next bed over when firstie Zacharias Smith lets out a low, protracted groan.

"Ossification Maximus," the Nurse tuts, casting a disapproving glance at what appears to be little more than a skeleton. "Nasty business, that Hex," her head shakes even more, setting her odd hat bobbing. "Should have been brought to me straight away, but the Hufflepuffs do so like to try their herbal remedies first." Her tone makes it perfectly clear how she feels about that.

Privately, Harry can't help thinking if her remedies all taste as good as his Skele-Gro, then there's little wonder at their hesitancy, but he has the good sense to keep that to himself, especially while in her care.

"Is he still alive?" Ron asks between mouthfuls of Harry's Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, a touch less tactfully than his bushy-haired friend, aforementioned Hufflepuff finds.

"It's just a scratch," the Badger mutters. "Barely a flesh wound."

"Oh, he's only nearly dead," the Matron assures them, Smith not least amongst their number. "Not remotely the same thing at all."

"And you can heal him?" Hermione's incredulity shines through, as the firstie revises his opinion as to her tact.

"Oh certainly, but it'll be a painful business," the Nurse replies, and more head shaking ensues. So strangely, Smith deems that assessment not particularly comforting.

"Bloody hell," Ron sums things up tidily, finding it difficult to believe a word of her assurances given the sight of the bloke, and making a mental note to never mention the Hex to the twins.

Or even in their presence for that matter.

Bloody hell, indeed.

Still. Not enough to put him off his feed. Far from discouraged, he eagerly reaches for the next of the colourful packets Harry's teammates and much of their House had brought by. Given they often taste no better than Pomfrey's Skele-Gro, he's practically doing him a favour, really. Ron can be frightfully considerate like that.

"Some have too much bone, some too little," the Nurse muses philosophically as she watches Harry choking down his remedy with a gimlet eye.

Her patients unfortunately find the matter rather more existential.

Guest appearance of the skeleton from Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4.
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