gingerbred (gingerbred) wrote,

Anamorphic Lego Street Painting

Chances are decent I'm your lego person, so here! Yet another frivolous post on the lego side of things. I've mentioned anamorphic / projection art before. Heck, I like it enough that I've included it in beyond wandpoint (LJ / AO3). Most folks hadn't heard of it, so I thought this might interest a few of you.

Ten years after Leon Kerr made the anamorphic lego terracotta army at the Sarasota Chalk Festival, he and fellow artist Massina have revisited the theme with the lego ninjago terracotta army at the Legoland in Germany, which is clearly where something like this belongs.

This is what the artwork looks like from the right angle:


The thing is, there's only one angle it looks like that from. (Basically this is a maths thing, which helps explain my interest, or down to the mother of all astigmatisms, whichever... lol) This will help make clear why it's less easy to resolve the image at a different angle:


(As I'm breaking in a new pair of specs this week, that looks all too familiar...)

Madlads at work, to give you a sense of scale:



I find it impressive as all get out, plus it takes some real skill. (Or, y'know, a computer. lol) Anyway, I thought it might appeal to a few of you, too. Have a nice weekend, everyone. 😊
Tags: art, lego, real world

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