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Did a Thing! Did a Thing! Did a Thing Again!


For mywitch, because you are just the coolest ever!!!!

I just spotted your 🌈beautiful bloated dead unicorn ambigram🦄 (I’m so counting the legs as one view, lol) (also, don’t take my word for it; go look!) which was just the absolute BEST thing imaginable! 😃 *swoon* Thank you SO very much! 😘

(And I’m *so* sorry for only just seeing this now... 😕 Especially because your timing was absolutely perfect. ❤️)

So... Background! For Valentines’, MyWitch posted the following pic:

And I thought, hey, I can do a papercutting of that.

I’ve been asked what kinds of things I use to do those, so I took a pic of much of my gear. The scissors on the right are my favourites. They have the best action. (I think they may have been the cheapest, too. 😆)


Notable exceptions: a computer and printer for working up the initial pictures. Markers for editing them, because for me that often goes faster. Some means of getting them back into the system, either pics or scans, to repeat the process if necessary, and thin (lightweight) paper for the print outs. A matt for cutting on (I actually finally cut a chunk out of one yesterday, but those things can stand up to a *lot*). Rulers, clear plastic to see what you’re doing, and at least one metal one you can just go nuts with and don’t have to worry about slicing into.

I find the needle and dentist’s tool very helpful for boring thin slits a little wider, and I have a strange variety of dangerous looking tweezers I use for similar purposes.

Usually I’d say the most helpful item is the headlamp. (Oddly it was even more necessary this week... Hmm. I wonder why... (For those who didn’t see, my ceiling lamp died. 😕 You can see its reflection in the magnifying glass. lol)) I look completely bizarre when wearing the headlamp, and invariably someone comes to the door. (It’s like they just *know*.) It’s no good removing it, as it leaves these deep, red impressions in my forehead, which are worse, never mind the number it does on my hair... Fortunately it’s far too late in the game to try to impress the delivery people, so no worries there.

A friend got a lamp as a freebie, had no use for it and passed it along to me, and Hubs initially teased me mercilessly about it. Except eventually he needed it for something. And discovered they’re ridiculously useful. 😊 We’re now on our third one, having moved up in quality, and frequently bicker over who has dibs. (I’m smugly superior about that, of course, even when I lose. 😉)

This time around, however, I’ve decided the most important thing is the fecking glue. For one thing, I lightly coat my matt to reduce slippage while cutting. I find that seriously helpful, and if you look at how thin the frown lines turned out - the glue didn’t cause the paper to rip when I lifted it from the matt. Great stuff. Lasts for a whole bunch of cuts. And I also need it to mount the finished product.

I usually use the green stuff in the pic below, and thankfully it was what was on my matt. I’ve been using it for years, and it’s treated me well. It was empty. No problem, I ordered more and got the blue stuff.

Great gods, it was an absolute misery. (Naturally I bought two cans...)


The front and back papers matched perfectly before gluing. After, not so much. It practically melted the paper. Much cursing was involved, and I don’t usually feel the need for that. (Put it this way, the straight lines were the easy bit, so you know that went wrong after the fact.)

I also think in the future, I’d glue first and then cut the piece out to the desired size. (I think I don’t usually glue smaller pieces onto paper. In fact, if it isn’t necessary, I don’t glue to the background at all, so that way the colours can be changed. And it was definitely a first time with the 14.85 square format for me. (Half of a DIN A4’s length.))

And that’s about it.

Thanks again, MW. 😘 I loved the Ginger-unicorns to little bitty bits. ❤️

Now does anyone have any idea why I wouldn’t be getting any kind of messages when mentioned in posts? Neither the initial post nor any of your subsequent gingerbreds [still testing; I tried turning it off and on again... 😉] in the comments triggered either a mail *or* an LJ message. In the Settings -> Privacy -> Pingbacks**, I have it set to ‘Both usernames & entries’, so unless it’s due to something I’ve somehow mangled in the ‘Notifications’ tab, and even there it’s set to email me if someone so much as hiccoughs (or uploads a userpic, whichever)... I got nothing. 😕

Suggestions would be appreciated. 😊
[ETA: Someone kindly recc’d this (thanks!), tagged me and I got an empty email from LJ at about that time... I assume this is related to the problem. Anyone encountered something similar?)

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