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There’s only one thing that gets that level of ‘squee’ out of me, and it’s the intersection of Lego with one of my other favourite things. In the current instance, more Harry Potter / Wizarding World Legos (which is probably my ultimate squee; I am a simple creature). The pictures have just broken on a new series of Harry Potter Legos out this summer. (Amazon Italy listed them in pre-sales.)

Anyone who’s spent more than the briefest of time in my vicinity can tell you I am a bonafide, dyed in the wool Brickhead. I decorate seasonally with Lego. I have Lego on my dining table and wherever I work. Hell, I even take a Lego good luck charm into hospital with me. (The other half isn’t convinced about any of that, but I put up with his maniacal sports-love and video games, so we have an understanding.)

Last year Brickheads were treated to a very nicely done Great Hall, and the Whomping Willow set that included Snape’s office (💝) and Potions Classroom. Those sets included the boat ride to Hogwarts, the basilisk and Arthur’s Ford Anglia, which places them firmly in years one and two. (As do the minifigs’ tiny, tiny legs...) [ETA: Actually, the Hogwarts Express with Dementor and Lupin is obviously early PoA, my bad.]

I got nervous when the Brickheadz sets were discontinued so soon after issuing, but it looks like they’re going to keep going with the line. This year, they’re advancing to years three and four. (Articulated ‘teen’ legs! lol Actually, those are very cool.)

They’ll be putting out a new version of the clock tower. (see above and below)


It has easily removable elements of the Yule Ball, which is nice for making it less timeline specific. It also includes the Infirmary (sadly without Poppy 😕), Prefects’ Bathroom, Albus’ office (with pensieve) and what appears to be Minerva’s or Filius’ classroom. (Minerva would be quick to point out the improbability of catching Mr. Potter reading at any given time, certainly not when he can simply pick Miss Granger’s mind, but the marketing peeps neglected to consult her.) Ah, and there’s a trunk in which to hide your Moody minifig, from last year’s collectable HP minifig series. I like that they’re including all four champions in two different sets and aren’t nudging people to have to get both sets to have a complete line-up, it’s decent of them, but I’d have still preferred Poppy. (*rails at the presumed ageism*)

(And while we’re wishlisting: possibly the twins as minifigs, beards/wigs for making them older after crossing the age line, and an extra blackboard piece so the classroom can serve as whichever one it isn’t.)

They’re releasing the fourth (and greatly improved) edition of Hagrid’s Hut in a scene depicting Buckbeak’s rescue. (I may have lol-ed at the sight of Norbert’s egg in Hagrid’s fireplace.)

Also mentionworthy, the scene of Harry saving Sirius from the dementors in PoA, complete with new mould, the stag Patronus, two dementors and possibly the only shooting thingie that’s ever appealed to me. (I’m probably too old and too female to like those as intended.)

There’ll also be the First Task from GoF, complete with Horntail, and a new Knight Bus, which is nice in so far as a lot of people like those, and the used ones had gotten quite pricey. (Ditto Buckbeak (Hagrid’s Hut) and the Sirius minifig (the Expecto Patronum set), and this one actually does Gary Oldman justice. A worthy goal indeed. 😉)

I’m especially happy about the rumours of an Advent calendar, because that’s just adding a third one of my favourite things to the mix. There’s only one blurry pic available at this time, potentially photoshopped. (I’m hoping for Poppy and Pomona figures in there, because I am eternally optimistic. Poppy has never been released at all, and Pomona was only released once in 2011. (Hufflepuffs never get enough love. *hugs*) Maybe Rita Skeeter and a bug for her Animagus form. Possibly more ‘floo’ tiles. I consider the twins in Christmas jumpers not unlikely. Now a Snape in a Weasley jumper would crack me up. A black one, with an S-shaped green snake that inappropriately tickles his throat, if I had my say. It should appeal to haters (prescience!) and lovers (survival!) alike. 😉 Ah, and he’d have to distribute the pressies. Albus as Father Christmas is no stretch at all, although he could gift everyone socks, freeing who knows how many house elves in the process.)

One detail I’d like to pick out for you is the stained glass window from the Prefects’ Bathroom:


which made me think of mywitch’s stained glass mermaid. (The link to which I can never find. *cough* MW, wanna help a body out?) [ETA: FOUND IT.] I’m betting they saw it and were inspired. *nods*

Brothers Brick had the best pics so far if you’d like to take a closer look, but the Brick Fan had more info.

And in other related news, the Shanghai police raided and put a stop to a Lego counterfeiting ring, which makes me happy. (Also? I loved this pic of the police chiding the workers... Different cultures. ❤️ )


And because I’ve (so cleverly) not mentioned it, Chapter 109 of ‘beyond wandpoint’ is up on DW and LJ now. Bad publicist. *nods* Tsk...
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