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Friends! Still More Friends!

I’m a firm believer in the whole ‘it takes a village’ thing, so stealing a page from MyWitch’s (sketch)book, I’d like to introduce you guys to some of the Snapecases people I know from AO3. When I moved my story to LJ, a number of people were kind enough to follow me, I’d love for you to get to know them.

I’ll be honest, I really struggled with the anonymous consumption (not in the TB sense) over there, but there’ve been a few people who reached out and kept me writing over the past year and a half. You guys know mywitch, grooot, erexen, and francinehibiscu already. I’d like for you to meet some of the others.

I’ll start with lostangelsoul3, because I’ve known her longest, and then immediately drop the ball. lol The thing is, we mail. And if I leave out the kind of private stuff you come to know over time, inconveniently, she’s not so much a sensibly conveyable description for me as a feeling, because she consistently just puts the biggest smile on my face, and of course I say that because I live to embarrass her (and myself, so it’s all good). 😘 But then, who doesn’t need more of that in their lives? 😉

She’s little shy and a lot lovely, her nick’s LostAngelSoul on AO3, and she’s been working her butt off studying in addition to her job. She’ll cough to being a massive geek (I was going to spare her the ‘massive’ 😉), a bookworm like most of us, and her fandoms are Harry Potter, Doctor Who & OUAT. She loves SS/HG, Drarry, whouffaldi and SwanQueen pairings the most, but will read anything good from a familiar fandom. Having recently finished exams, she’d be happy for recs, recs, recs to get some reading in before things get crazy again. (Possibly starting here at sshg_hub...)

goldenbassets (same nick on AO3 and FFNet) is the stay at home mother of three little boys, so things are always crazy there. She supplements the chaos by babysitting additional children. (I can’t find the wry eyebrow lift emoji, but it’s clearly called for.) I’d suspect masochism, but it really doesn’t check out... I honestly don’t know how she does it, but she regularly emerges like a ray of sunshine from situations that would send me running for the hills. Improbably, she may be more socially awkward than I am, which I adore, but GB does it with far more charm (and unlike myself is potentially ‘curable’ 😉). She really is a sunshine.

She likes bubble baths (possibly because it’s the only time she can get any reading done), coffee and red wine. (And I’m seriously torn whether I like her more with too much coffee or too much wine in her system... ❤️) We’ve bonded over our dogs (as you might guess, she’s a basset person; you can see Charlie in today’s post) and the fact we can picture Hermione with almost anyone but Ron, and prefer Drarry to Hinny. She, too, is looking for recs. (I think she’s mostly Hermione centric. GB? Care to expand?)

sofiac_casiopea and I share a birthday, Walpurgis night. 😊 She lives in Spain, and beyond reading fics for pleasure, she’s using them to practise her English (which is very good; don’t let her tell you otherwise). She’s an avid reader, classics, Terry Pratchett (see avatar), Neil Gaiman, Tolkien, but pretty new to the world of fanfic, having only discovered it a year ago. Sofia’s really enjoyed learning that there are many other adults who love the Harry Potter books as well. She’s partial to SS/HG and LM/HG (and needs to discover One Bad Man), and also likes Dramione. Recs appreciated.

In addition, Sofia’s a seriously talented amateur photographer, who also happens to live somewhere beautiful. The combination makes it well worth a look. You can see some of her work here. (erexen, you two need to get to know each other; your cloud pictures... Mountains! Weather! Right up each other’s alleys) Her son is grown and she now has her hands full caring for her mum.

As you can probably guess, hopelesliehermn (hopelesliehermnharry on AO3) started out in HP fandom as an Harmionean (HP/HG). DH may have put paid to that. She’s written fanfic for that pairing on FFNet but was primarily focused on fanvids, mostly of Jack and Sam from Stargate SG1. Sadly, by and large, they’ve fallen victim to the Copyright battle. 😕 While she no longer makes fanworks of her own, she still enjoys reading them, and SS/HG have become her favourite ship. She was sweet enough to dust off her old LJ account to follow me over here. *hugs* 🤗

chrispina is another old hand at LJ (same nick on AO3 and FFNet as well), who was so kind as to return in order to keep up with ‘wandpoint’. She’s the mother of two who spends most of her time homeschooling her son autistic son and volunteering in the PTA for her daughter’s school. Her fandoms are Harry Potter (mostly SSHG, DMHG sometimes), Star Wars (Reylo), and Game of Thrones (Sandor and Sansa). (She may have a type... 😉 ❤️)

And then there’s the good arhythmthief (Madameslytherin on AO3). Now a mum, she’s been brave enough to return to the scene of teen angst to keep reading. ❤️ She’s interested in trying her hand at writing some fanfic of her own, as she put it “I feel I am a reasonably adept writer but I don't know where to begin in keeping it all in my brain with it being borrowed characters especially. I suppose I also prefer longer things and would love to write that way but it seems so daunting.” Who better to ask than you lot? (fawkesylady394, I was thinking the HP discord server might be a good stopping point for her? Could you provide the link to the post again?) Any other suggestions on tips and resources would be welcome. 😊

Anyway, you guys have made me feel very welcome here, I hope you’ll do the same for my friends. ❤️

(Oh! And a very happy Mother’s Day to the mums. 🤗)
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