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gingerbred's Journal

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30 April
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Artwork a gift from the super lovely MyWitch. ❤️

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This is gingerbred’s livejournal. I love tea, gardening, tea, my German shepherd / Alsatian, tea, cooking, tea, reading, tea and lego, in no particular order. In addition to being passionate about tea (just a bit), I enjoy papercutting (I’m trying to coin that as a single word term; join the fight!), architecture and home automation. I’m also a world class geek. (There are worse fates. 😉) These days I spend loads of time working on my fanfic ‘beyond wandpoint’.

I live in Germany and have done most of my life. I’ve also lived in Boston and even worked in Prague for a bit. I’m German, English, Irish and a tiny bit French, went to uni in the U.S. and Germany and spent a large chunk of my formative years with the grandparents in Canada, where I learnt to clean Gramp’s fish and say ‘eh’ now and again. 😉

The hub for my small collection of mostly Snanger SS/HG Harry Potter fanworks can be found here.
‘beyond wandpoint’, the seemingly never-ending Hogwarts serial, can be found here.
‘christmas spirit’ is here.
‘thank the fae’ is here.
And now I even tweet when I update ‘beyond wandpoint’ @gingerbredshaus... (Holy Cricket! I’m on the Twitter!)

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