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We're All Sisters and Brothers in the End. It Would Be Nice If People Acted Like It 🌈

Life's been, uh, life-like, and I don't think I've marked a birthday or anything else in a punctual manner lately. (Sorry, guys. ❤️) True to (recent) form, a few weeks ago I missed the International Transgender Day of Visibility. In light of HB 1475* which was passed last week by overwhelming majority in Florida's State House of Representatives (a bit of legislation that has the distinction of being both transphobic and misogynistic, cheers, and potentially classist as well for the hat trick), I figured this was a good time to redress that failure on my part.

Dear trans-siblings: you're seen. You're heard. And you aren't in this alone.
Sending warm, fluffy and most excellent hugs. - xox - Ginger.

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We can do better, people, and we really should. Be a mensch, folks, be kinder to one another. There's not enough love in the world. 🌈 ❤️

Arrrrrr, Me Mateys!

Once again, another Talk Like a Pirate Day has rolled around...

"'Just go for a nice punt on the river,' she says..." Clang. Slash. "'A boat ride and a spot of torte'..." Whack. Splash. Clink.

"Well you asked me what I wanted to do..." Grunt. "And it is my birthday after all... Wingardium Leviosa!"

"Not the Victoria Sponge!"

Laugh. "Who was the one craving a 'spot of torte'? Fine. Mobilicorpus!" Howl.

"Avast ye..."

"Levicorpus!" Yowl. "Witch, I swear it's the same every year. It's as though the day were cursed..."

"Oh, cheers. Thanks for that."

"You know exactly what I mean." Wail. "If you insist upon aquatic activities, we shall confine ourselves to the Black Lake in the future and perhaps the scurvied scoundrels can be..." Hack. Slash. Groan.

"Circumvented? You were the one who said it was getting nippy. 'Portkey to parts warmer,' sound familiar?"

"Yes, well if I should make that mistake again, be so good as to remind of the purpose of Warming Charms, would you?"

"As you wish, Severus, as you wish. But failing that, we could always huddle together for warmth."

"Hmm. Indeed." Thwack. Splash. Moan. "There's nothing quite like a woman who thinks on her feet."

🎈Happy Birthday, Hermione! 🍾🥂🎂🍰🎁🎉

Diagon Alley D2C megaset. Hmm.

(D2C = Directo to Customer (as in generally only available at the lego.com shop@home store.))

Sale of the set is slated to start 01 September. In a decidedly odd move, Lego is holding back on the official announcements until tomorrow, 31 August, emphasised by an on site countdown. In addition, they've posted a video in which the Phelps brothers (Fred & George) demonstrate the buildable QR code that will provide access to special content as of the 31st (there are instructions available, or we can skip that step and simply scan the sample provided (see below)). Expectations are it will give us access to premium content related to the set's development and a virtual tour. Collapse )

01 September, it's back to Hogwarts...

Presumably because it's the time to leap on the Hogwarts Express as it leaves from Platform 9 3/4, September is shaping up to be Harry Potter Lego month. In addition to the second Harry Potter collectible minifigure series officially going on sale as of 01 September (although plenty have been spotted in stores around the world already), there will be a Diagon Alley direct to consumer (D2C) set released, two HP-centric gifts with purchase (GWP), and the 2020 HP Advent Calendar. Today we'll visit the GWP and Advent Calendar; I'll follow up with Diagon Alley soon. Once again it's too long for a single post. Collapse )

Harry Potter Lego

There's been a lot of action of the Harry Potter lego front lately. Pictures of the 2020 Advent Calendar and the second Collectible Minifigure series have been leaked / released, and the description of the Diagon Alley megaset accidentally went live prematurely on the lego site. (Thanks google cache!) Pictures of the sticker sheets from that set are also making the rounds of Instagram, which makes it pretty easy to guess what else it will include, and some Polish stores have posted pics for the advance ordering of a book I've been looking forward to since the concept art first leaked. As that's kind of a lot to take on in one post, I'm going to split this into two...

So! Let's see what the autumn has in store(s) for us, shall we?Collapse )

Next time we'll visit what's currently known of Diagon Alley and the 2020 Advent Calendar. 😊

More squeeing took place...

For a variety of reasons the world seems to need more things to smile about, so I thought I'd share something that makes me happy. (Because, yes, I'm five.) So this is me, being completely frivolous. WARNING: (and this should come as no surprise) massive Lego pic spam to follow. (But the pics have all been compressed, so that shouldn't be a data issue.)

Earlier this week Lego released the first wave of the 2020 Harry Potter Lego sets, and I think there were some intriguing choices amongst them.
Attack on the Burrow (HBP) updated version of the 2010 set
Hogwarts Astronomy Tower (HBP)
4 Privet Drive (CoS) updated and much improved version of the 2002 set
Hedwig - a nicely realised buildable moving model
Hogwarts Room of Requirement (OotP)
Forbidden Forest: Umbridge's Encounter (OotP)
Hogwarts Student Accessories Set which includes a student from each house.

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