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earl grey mist

"You need a break," Hermione tells him in no uncertain terms. He's grown so used to her moving about within their wards, he'd neglected to notice when she'd left their quarters to enter his classroom. Unexpected, she'd caught him with his head down on his desk, momentarily despairing of his students' ability to ever master his subject, at least if these O.W.L.s were anything to go by. Merlin's bloody bollocks. The results were abysmal.

The Arithmancy apprentice plops herself down unceremoniously next to him on the edge of his desk, leans over and begins to massage his shoulders. "Goodness are you tense." Collapse )


For snapecentric1, because you asked 😉, and hopelesliehermn. Happy Birthday, hopelesliehermn, and many much happier returns of the day. 🎂🍰🎁🎉 (🎈Here's hoping by the time next year's birthdays roll around we're not still in lockdown. 😐)

Better late than never...

Life's been... So I'm just getting to this now. (Sorry.) But I wanted to wish grooot a happy, if belated, birthday. <3 (I hope it was a good one?)


And just a little bit of silliness that I spent way too long on... (mywitch, so I don't embarrass myself completely, you aren't allowed to look. *nods* Also this is what happens when you use 20 year old software, just saying. I'm frankly kind of impressed it still worked at all, tbh.)Collapse )

Arrrrrr, Me Mateys!

Once again, another Talk Like a Pirate Day has rolled around...

"'Just go for a nice punt on the river,' she says..." Clang. Slash. "'A boat ride and a spot of torte'..." Whack. Splash. Clink.

"Well you asked me what I wanted to do..." Grunt. "And it is my birthday after all... Wingardium Leviosa!"

"Not the Victoria Sponge!"

Laugh. "Who was the one craving a 'spot of torte'? Fine. Mobilicorpus!" Howl.

"Avast ye..."

"Levicorpus!" Yowl. "Witch, I swear it's the same every year. It's as though the day were cursed..."

"Oh, cheers. Thanks for that."

"You know exactly what I mean." Wail. "If you insist upon aquatic activities, we shall confine ourselves to the Black Lake in the future and perhaps the scurvied scoundrels can be..." Hack. Slash. Groan.

"Circumvented? You were the one who said it was getting nippy. 'Portkey to parts warmer,' sound familiar?"

"Yes, well if I should make that mistake again, be so good as to remind of the purpose of Warming Charms, would you?"

"As you wish, Severus, as you wish. But failing that, we could always huddle together for warmth."

"Hmm. Indeed." Thwack. Splash. Moan. "There's nothing quite like a woman who thinks on her feet."

🎈Happy Birthday, Hermione! 🍾🥂🎂🍰🎁🎉

Chocolate Wacky Cake

The Forbidden Forest still exerts an irresistible pull, despite a plethora of perfectly terrifying experiences there in the past. Perhaps it's the wizard at her side that makes her feel sure those encounters are unlikely to be repeated, and should any overtly aggressive Acromantulas dare to put in an appearance (to say nothing of sinister centaurs), Hermione is absolutely certain she and Severus are more than up to the task of managing the situation. It doesn't hurt, of course, that the students (exhibiting more wisdom than she and her friends had been inclined to back in their day) tend to shun the place as if their lives depend on it. (To be fair, it's entirely possible they do.) But it's nice to get away from the castle of an evening and enjoy one another's company without the throngs of prying eyes and ears causing the already exceedingly reticent man beside her to become even more withdrawn.

In private of late, he tended to open up nicely, and she's enjoyed getting to know the man behind the deliciously wicked sense of humour. More and more she's come to understand what drives him, and to cherish these moments alone.

And of course the promise of a being able to procure a few rare ingredients by the light of the full moon? When their potency was more than doubled? What more could a Potions Master and the Arithmancy Mistress assisting him with his latest project ask for?

With a smile she follows him readily into the woods.


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Right, I promised orlando_switch and mywitch my wacky cake recipe, so here it is. Unfortunately I couldn't find my notes about the spices I added to make it a lebkuchen variant, but next winter at the latest, I'm sure I'll be back at it again. 😉

Dreamy Dessert - the Mojito Syllabub


"Nimue's knickers, is that... is that armadillo bile???"

Affronted, Severus responds, "Surely you jest." Hermione wisely holds her tongue in the face of his raised-eyebrow-of-outrage. "Miss Granger, that question alone would, were you still a student, warrant seeing you never received a N.E.W.T. in Potions.


"It may justify retroactively revoking yours, in fact." Collapse )

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Some of hubs' colleagues have been complaining about a lack of ingredients for cakes. (And it may have just taken us nearly two months to score some... 😕) So here's something yummy that doesn't need flour at least. Hope your birthday is a lovely one. ❤️

Final Curtain for the Calendar...

Ages ago, adafrog had asked if all of the builds together make a final scene, or if they're self-contained. I figured it might help to do a last shot of everything together to better illustrate the answer. (And let the players take their bows... 😉)

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And that's about it. The minifig team thanks you for reading. ❤️

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Boxing Day Wrap Up...

Take your pick: a brief history lesson on the origin/significance of the phrase, or the quick and dirty translation: 'Vae Vicitis' - 'woe to the conquered'. (Technically plural. Just saying. *shrugs*)

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Thanks a bunch for reading and sharing my advent calendar with me. ❤️ I hope everyone celebrating had happy holidays. - G. 😊

Day 24

We pause this fic to ask if you saw days 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, and 23 because there was a downtick. And to bring you this brief lesson in navigation... Not sure if you missed stuff? Want to see the last several days at once? Clicking 'gingerbred' (up top or right here 😉) gets you the last ten journal entries, poof, like magic, and you can click your way backwards ten at a time. On those pages you can use the handy little 'after the fold' type drop down thingies to peek at each day quickly. Or use the arrows at the top and bottom of any entry to get to the ones preceding or following, but that takes longer. Pfft.

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And now... more lego fic. 🎄🎁

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They open the door and the contents spill out, and immediately she wishes she'd waited for Severus after all, although presumably they have more pressing concerns...

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Happy hols, everyone, and safe travels. 🎄🎁❤️