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Final Curtain for the Calendar...

Ages ago, adafrog had asked if all of the builds together make a final scene, or if they're self-contained. I figured it might help to do a last shot of everything together to better illustrate the answer. (And let the players take their bows... 😉)

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And that's about it. The minifig team thanks you for reading. ❤️

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Day 16

'Oh, well this looks like fun.'

What did we get today, Ms. Bred? Somehow by the cold light of day, back in the familiar confines of the castle, the more formal form of address seems... proper.

''Ginger', if you please, Severus.'

Thinking back - he's naturally testy and can't quite help himself - he feels compelled to ask, When precisely did I give you permission to call me by my given name?

'You haven't,' she laughs. 'But as you weren't likely to, I took the liberty.'

You enjoy that, do you? Taking liberties?Collapse )

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