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Creature on the loose?

It must be Tuesday. (Nicked from 'the tea drabble 2'.)

Is that how you've ever felt about the books? Then I might have just the thing for you. Most people in my flist aren't following this community - deathtocapslock - so you may have missed out on some lovely stuff. In addition to some excellent debate over the years on all manner of tricky philosophical Potter questions **, chantaldormand's very snarky recaps of the 'Philosopher's Stone' and now 'Chamber of Secrets' are well worth a read. Did you like mywitch's and grooot's most happy making 'Harry Potter Redux'? (If not, I may have to unfriend you... 😉 Three words: 'bloated dead unicorn'! Oh wait, and three more: 'stripped sippy straw'. Ah! One more! 'Vogue'.) Then give Chantal's recaps (complete with a bevy of running 'oh no they didn't' counters) a peek. (She just posted Chapter 15 of CoS.)

** recent entries examined the Wizengamot and related bodies, and asked questions like: 'what on earth was Sirius doing the night the Potters died?', 'what backstory would you have preferred for Severus?', and 'what was the Marauders' power dynamic?' And torchedsong kicked off a mammoth discussion on love and our favourite acerbic Slytherin. Go on, take a look. You know you want to... 😊